First Light USA T-Max NV (Night Vision)




When nothing but the best lighting equipment will do, the T-MAX platform provides military operators with expert tools for demanding situations.

All T-MAX lights feature a powerful white light output of 700 lumens and strobe capability and can be operated in high, medium or low brightness settings. A safety beacon can be activated with the secondary LED outputs (on most models). The crenulated bezel can act as a striking tool.

To perform under the most challenging conditions, T-MAX lights are constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and are fully waterproof.

T-MAX leverages a proven, ergonomically superior design featuring First-Light USA’s patented finger loop system and mounting options for hands free use. T-MAX lights are compatible with our TRS (Tactical Retention System) accessories that allow lights to be conveniently mounted and rotated on MOLLE-equipped gear.

For elite operators, T-MAX lights are the premier tools for the job.

First-Light USA’s compact, hand-held lights are designed to give you the right light for every situation.


Built for superior hand-control, the T-MAX provides access to the entire control panel with just your thumb. An ergonomically designed grip allows for maximum use of your hand while still maintaining control of the light. The unique finger loop allows you to load, reload and clear your weapon without releasing the light.


The T-MAX NV provides white light 
illumination and
 secondary colors (infrared plus red and green or red and blue); 
momentary output;
 three intensity levels of
constant-on; lock-out
 mode and ready-strobe function designed to disorient subjects with a quick touch of the thumb and safety beacon.


T-MAX NV Tactical Flashlight
Two CR123 Lithium Batteries
Retention System Finger Loop
MOLLE-compatible Retention Clip
User Manual
Limited lifetime warranty

Maximum white light output: 700 lumens*
Runtime: 2 hours*
Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum
Weight: 5.9 ounces
Dimensions: 3.4”H x 2.4”L x 1.5”W

* Tested to ANSI FL1 Standard.


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