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A two-point rifle sling designed for unconventional firing positions to maximize shooter stability. Specifically tailored for individuals who shoot off of tripods and barricades.


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– Sewn in loophole at rear of sling. Allows shooter to rapidly connect/disconnect sling to their belt for supported positions in the sitting, kneeling, standing, or during helo operations. (A carabineer is typically used to connect the sling to the belt.)
– One handed adjustable sling length. Smoothly transition from different positions, or sling rifle across body and tighten sling, reducing profile to negotiate obstacles or tend to the wounded.
– Duraflex QD buckle allows shooter to quickly detach themselves from the sling/rifle in an emergency.
– 1.25” webbing
– No metal hardware used- reduces noise and doesn’t chew up your rifle stock
– Lightweight – weighs just 4.8oz, a fraction of what traditional precision rifle slings weigh
– Lifetime Warranty
– Made in the USA with Mil-Spec materials


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