Elornis Industry Marksman Sling



Elornis Industry, friends of LODOCK Gear, are owned and founded by serving veteran military shooters, with the goal of designing and manufacturing equipment that, during years of real world experience, has been found to be missing.


Dedicated Shooters/Marksmans sling, designed to enable ease of carrying and added stability in varied shooting positions.

Unique construction uses 1.5″ (38mm) webbing, providing more comfort and added support. Combined with heavy duty QD push button sling swivels.

The built in 'Bean Bag' sets this sling apart. Providing ever-ready stock support, increasing stability and steadiness ten fold. In a package already attached to your weapon system.

Further features of this sling include a shooting loop. Again increasing your stability and accuracy in supported and unsupported shooting positions.



– 1.5″ (38mm) wide webbing for comfort and support.

– Heavy duty push button sling swivels.

– Quick detach.

– Ultra quick adjustment.

– Shooting loop for added stability in supported and unsupported shooting positions.

– Built in ‘Bean Bag’ for rapid rifle stock support.

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QD, Clash


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