Pyser PNP-M (FC) Monocular



The world’s smallest, lightest and most versatile night vision monocular

Pyser-SGI Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Night Vision products. Over the many years of our experience in the design, development and manufacture of night vision monoculars we have worked closely with British, other NATO and non-NATO Armed Forces, Special Forces and Police Special Forces in order to produce the products and features required for today’s and tomorrow’s threat situations.

Now available with tubes including FC (export licence exempt**) as well as standard licence HD High Definition, XD-4 and XR5. XD-4 and XR5 models can also be supplied with Auto Gating and FC, HD, XD-4 and XR5 are available with green or black and white tubes. **Does not require UK Export Licence but not available to countries on UN/EU/UK Embargo/Sanctions Lists.

The PNP-M monocular/binocular system is the result of such close co-operations and is a state of the art world beating product which is complemented by a wide range of specially developed accessories enabling the user to perform a huge variety of missions based on just one sensor platform — PNP-M. Designed, developed and manufactured in Britain by Pyser-SGI to ISO 9001 quality levels the PNP-M is the smallest and lightest monocular in its class. It uses an advanced glass reinforced polymer body with a centre of mass as far to the rear as possible to minimise neck strain during prolonged operations, a single commercial “AA” battery for light weight which gives at least 40 hours operation, high quality multi element all-glass coated optics for maximum image quality and the entire monocular body, electronics and optics are filled with dry nitrogen for ultimate reliability in all missions including down to 20 metres immersion.

ANVIS type image intensifiers are fitted including Photonis Autogated and non Autogated types in a range of performance levels up to typical Figures of Merit of 2016 for the most demanding missions and Gen 3 tubes are also available if preferred.

Useable in hand held, helmet mounted, head mounted, monocular or binocular form using the quick fit binocular bridge as well as in quick mount/quick release throw lever Picatinny weapon mounted mode behind day sights, the PNP-M does everything. And this includes add-on magnifying lenses for monocular and binocular use, sacrificial and anti-mist filters, adaptors for attaching instantly to camcorders, SLR cameras, CCTV cameras and even spotting scopes for long distance high magnification surveillance.

You can even power the PNP- M in both monocular and binocular form directly from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket or any 12v supply.

As well as the in-built IR illuminator there is an in-built daylight bright light photo sensor which prevents accidental operation of the monocular during daylight except when it is disabled for daylight training. This protection, of course, does not activate in darkness in the case of bright flashes, vehicle headlights even at very short distances, nor in street lighting or inside illuminated rooms.

For security and convenience the PNP-M monocular on its helmet or head mount auto switches off when flipped up and auto switches on with no switch resetting needed when flipped back down again.

Shuttered rubber eyecups are also available which simply screw on without needing to remove the normal soft fold-back eyecup.

For added security a red LED inside the 27mm eye relief eyepiece illuminates when the IR diode is switched on and a yellow LED in the eyepiece warns against a low battery charge situation.

And of course all accessories can be used with no tools required for attachment, adjustment or operation.


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Model: PNP-M(FC)


Sensitivity (μA/Im)                            –                         500

Resolution (Ip/mm)                           –                         45

Signal to Noise ratio                         –                         19

Figure of Merit (FOM) Typical          –                         855




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