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The Newcon Optik NVS14  3XT has been added to Lodock Gears Product line because we wanted to provide civilian customers with a quality Gen 3 image intensifier in the UK at an affordable price.

We were hoping that the performance of Newcon Optik's latest Gen 3 offering would be on par with the European top line tubes such as our demo XR5 tube from photonis (substantially more expensive). Running the two tubes along side each other we are pleased to report that the Newcon Optik Gen3 is top dog in all areas! In the field it provides more gain on really dark nights and resolution is as good as anything we have seen. In general use you actually need to roll back the gain more often than not, in comparison the XR5 is the opposite as its mostly flat out trying to gather light and is only backed off on the very brightest nights.

So the NVS14-3XT is very sleek and compact, lightweight and produces a top quality image.

In the box you get a soft carry case, a head mount system and every unit comes with its factory performance test certificate.

If your in the market for a top quality Gen 3 image intensifier monocular look no further!

Please call to arrange a demo.


The NVS 14 series of night vision monoculars have been proven in deployments in conflict zones and by peacekeepers around the world. All models utilize advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, with minimum, exportable FOM >1600, have a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism and are fully MIL-SPEC. The NVS 14-3AG is an auto-gated unit while the NVS 14-3AGBW is auto-gated and produces a black & white image rather than the traditional green.

The NVS 14 series monoculars are among the smallest and lightest products of their kind. Each model can be handheld as well as, weapon, head or helmet mounted. With optional lens attachments that turn either model into a 3x or 5x night vision sight, and a full range of additional accessories, the NVS 14 series is among the world’s most versatile night vision devices.



  •   Flip-up mechanism provides for unobstructed vision when the Unit is mounted on headgear or helmet;
  •   Built-in infrared illuminator enables observation in total darkness (i.e. basement, cave or dark room);
  •   Optional NVS H Mount (helmet mount) allows for effective combat operations;
  •   Optional weapon mount converts Unit to a night vision weapon sight that can be used alone or in conjunction with other daytime weapon sights;
  •   Soft rubber eyecup makes viewing comfortable;
  •   Utilizing the NVS Camera/Video Adaptor, the Unit can be connected to photo or video camera for surveillance operations

Integrated protection circuits

To automatically control the output brightness of the tube under changing input light conditions, the device is equipped with protection circuits called automatic brightness control (ABC) and bright source protection (BSP).

The main purpose of these functions is to protect both the image tube from highlight exposure and the user’s eyes from excessive brightness

The ABC automatically reduces voltage to the microchannel plate to keep the image intensifier output brightness within optimal limits and to protect the tube. This can be seen during rapid changes from low-light to high-light conditions when the image gets brighter and then quickly returns to a consistent level. This function is still active in the device equipped with an auto- gated IIT.

The BSP reduces voltage to the photocathode rather than the microchannel plate. The BSP protects the image intensifier tube from damage and enhances its lifetime. This function works in bright light conditions that create input light with intensity higher than 0.1lux


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