LODOCK Gear Custom Target Sensor



The LODOCK Gear Target Sensor is designed to indicate target hits  with visual notification from the multi-colour (selectable; RedWhiteBlue, or Green) LED lamp.

Built using and advanced Piezo sensor making it possible to detect a direct hit on a range of materials, from cardboard to steel.

Adjustable sensitivity allows the sensor to be configured to detect hits on aforementioned materials, from airsoft, all the way up to, and including Thor’s Hammer.

The unit attaches via the built in 6mm fixing and corresponding wing nut.

The pivotal lamp head moves through a 45° angle allowing illumination of a target (good for night shoots) or to face the shooter for direct indication.

The style of indication is also adjustable from (ON)(HIT)(OFF) to (OFF)(HIT)(ON). The time of indication can be set from 0.25 seconds, ‘flashing’ or ‘blinking’ for more rapid engagements, up to 15 minutes from hit to reset.

Powered by 3 x AAA batteries with a run time of 24hrs plus means the sensor can be left in place for the duration of a stalk, OP, shot on target, and extraction of multiple shooters.

Mounted directly to target via the built in 6mm fixing and corresponding wing nut.

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– Advanced Piezo sensor

– 45° pivotal head for directional light

– Red, White, Blue, and Green LED light selection

– Sensitivity can be configured

– Adjustable indication style

– Built in 6mm fixing

– Runs on 3 x AAA batteries

– Run time of 24hrs +


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