MSA Sordin Upgraded Silicone Gel Ear Pads




Silicone ear cup pads for upgrade, replacement, or hygiene, to fit MSA Sordin Supreme® headsets.

Reduce discomfort associated with wearing hearing protection with eye wear or glasses. The silicone pads reduce compression while improving the acoustic seal of your headset by moulding to the contours of the users head and any eye wear, providing superior comfort and userbility over the standard foam pads.

Features a silicone gel bladder, as apposed to silicone liquid. Preventing the risk of leaks should the pads become pierced.

Easy to fit, with no modification needed.

To keep your hearing protection/headset working at its best, and to maintain hygiene, you should replace the inserts and seals at least once a year.

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Discounted if bought as an option with the corresponding headset.

Please see: MSA Sordin Supreme® Pro-X


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