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Hog Saddle Heaven

Lodock Gear have been using the hog saddle tripod head for our Desert Tech rifles for a few years now.

Having a tripod at the front with enough strength and grip to hold the rifle as above is great but what if you could create a rear rest too?

After a little experimentation we came up with the following solution:-

Take your own tripod and open up one leg to the 90Deg position. Next clamp you shooting partners or other hog saddle tripod to the 90deg leg. Use only one leg on the rear tripod. Adjust the front 90Deg leg out until it reaches a sutible length to rest the rear mono pod on.

There you have it three legs on the ground gets over uneven ground. It’s almost as good as a bench just a little bit of left right control needed when shooting!

Using our long term test tripods a full size gitzo carbon fibre and my mini wind meter tripod I am able to get from a kneeling height to a low standing height.

FatFox 2015


Just to add this article, due to demand from our customers we have developed the Gpod rear stick system. We have designed this to attach to the standard hog saddle and tripod system to create the most stable shooting platform possible whilst still keeping the system portable.

20160517_092140464_iOSThe system clamps onto the leg of the front tripod creating a front and rear bipod system that is locked together. The system can go from kneeling height to standing height with stability approaching a bench or ground positioned bipod.

If you are interested in this system please contact us for more details.